Cleaner Can - FAQ's

  1. Do you take the container away to be cleaned?

  2. No, we have a self-contained wash system and clean it on site.
  3. When are the containers cleaned?

  4. Your container(s) are cleaned the day your garbage collects.

  5. Do I have to do anything special or extra to have it cleaned?

  6. No, the only thing we ask is for you leave the container out until 6:00 so we have access to it.
  7. How will I know when my next scheduled cleaning is?

  8. We will either email or call you a couple of days before your next scheduled cleaning.
  9. Is the water filtered and reused?

  10. No, the water is only used one time and it goes to our recovery tank.
  11. How do you dispose of the dirty water?

  12. We dispose of the dirty water through the sewage system which is processed through the waste treatment facility.
  13. What if my container gets really dirty and it’s 6-8 weeks before my next scheduled cleaning?

  14. Just give us a call and for an additional charge we’ll schedule to clean it for you on your next collection day.
  15. What if I move?

  16. If you move within our geographical area, your agreement will follow your to the new location. If you move outside our service area, the agreement will remain at the original location and we will provide the remaining cleanings per the agreement.
  17. Can I have a one time cleaning?

  18. We will do a one time cleaning however there is an additional $10.00 charge since we have to establish an account, invoice you and put you on the schedule.
  19. Can I pay for someone else to have the service?

  20. You most certainly can. It would be a great gift for parents, elderly neighbors or even young couples with children in diapers.

  21. Do I need a Paypal account to buy from Cleaner Can?

    No, You do not need a Paypal account to buy service from Cleaner Can. Just go to the Order Service Page, hit the "Buy Now" button for the service that you want, and then click on the "Use your credit card" link at the bottom of the page. We also take personal and business checks.

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*Do I need a Paypal account to buy from Cleaner Can?